October 12, 2020

Whoops - car got dirty again...

Whoops - car got dirty again...

Deanne and I had a simple plan to drive to Franklin to see Bride of Frankenstein at the historic Artcraft Theater, but were a bit early so after breakfast at Yiayia's we decided to drive down Indiana 135 to quaint Nashville (Indiana), checking out the fall colors along the ridgeline.

Nashville was overly jam packed with leaf peepers, so we skipped stopping and went north on Greasy Creek Road (just barely on the east side of downtown Nashville) - this is an always fun, curvy road with lots of fall scenery, and is newly paved and newly striped.

We kept following Greasy Creek north until just before reaching 135 again, where we turned right (east) onto Freeman Ridge Road.

This is a wonderful but very narrow road that follows a tree-covered ridge, with expansive views to right and left. It goes through a Natural Preserve and eventually turns to gravel with even more scenery.  

We took many random roads from there and finally arrived in Franklin; had coffee at the new shop Local Grind a few doors down from the theater.

... And The Bride of Frankenstein was awesome....

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