September 24, 2020

Protected Portishead

Protected Portishead

Did you ever hear a song, and say "that reminds me of....", and then the song changes, and it reminds you of something else?

The Bristol Sound, or trip-hop, has a lot of that - usually using a slow-moving BPM and heavily sampled, where you might find something familiar in the song.

Massive Attack's "Protection" is one of my favorite albums, with EBTG's Tracey Thorne on the title track. The album was hard to pin down, with no specific genre, and was very unique, with early trip-hop underpinnings.

As an anti-example, Weatherstorm on that album was a beat-heavy but languid symphonic tune by Craig Armstrong unlike the rest of the album - he's a Scottish composer of modern orchestral music and film scores (such as Moulin Rouge).

"Protection" led me to Massive Attack's 1998 trip-hop album "Mezzanine", with Teardrop as the track I could never get  out of my head. Addictive.

Then, Portishead's debut (and trip-hop-defining) album "Dummy" in 1995 had a track Roads that always blew me away.  But all of that was awhile ago.....

Then a few days ago (2020) I saw this on YouTube - a remix that combined the two songs: Teardrop and Roads...  

I never thought those two could be combined, especially with the exquisite voices of both Beth Gibbons and Elizabeth Fraser - but it really works.  Wow.

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