September 28, 2020

Listening to the net....

Listening to the net....

When attending a rally race, you travel all around the countryside and there's usually no cell coverage for internet access, so it's hard to get a good idea of what's going on.  What if there was a way to know what was really happening?

TLDR: Get a Ham Radio and then listen to Net Control, which controls EVERYTHING happening in a rally.  You don't even need a license to listen. Wear a cowboy hat and you'll get to be cool and look like this:

You'll hear all the details, and it's all free:

  • Control crews as they setup and time the rally cars
  • Zero cars checking each stage
  • Notification when the first competitor car starts and finishes the stage
  • Notification when Sweep runs through the stage after competition

What you need:

Here's what you need - an inexpensive BaoFeng 2-meter radio, such as the BF-F8HP model. There are cheaper ones available (beware of fakes) but this one works for me, since it comes with a larger battery, a better antenna, and a "concierge" service if you can't figure it out.  Just make sure whatever you buy can handle 2 meter frequencies (VHF: 136-174 MHz).

That includes everything you need: radio, antenna, battery, charger, even a manual, and more.

Before you go:

  • Look up the frequencies that the net will use on the rally's website - it will look something like this:
146.76 MHz Offset - PL Tone 88.5
  • You just need the 146.76 part to listen and ignore the rest
  • Read your radio's manual to set the frequencies - if you got the BF-F8HP, see my cheat sheet for how to quickly set just the frequency
  • Charge your radio before going out to the stages - the battery will last for a day or so
  • Keep in mind you cannot legally transmit unless you get an Amateur Radio License - it's not hard,  just don't do it until you get the license
  • Be aware there is currently one rally that uses commerical radios instead of ham radios - you won't be able to listen to that rally's Net Control

Want to know more on radios at rallies?

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