October 7, 2020

Good Eats at the hardware store

Good Eats at the hardware store

On our way back from the Show Me Rally, Deanne and I always take the "interesting" way back to Indianapolis.

This year, we went south from Potosi, and checked out Cairo IL - an interesting historical town (see my post on its faded glory), featured in Neil Gaiman's book American Gods:

We then started heading north, went through Paducah, KY, then reached Indiana at Evansville, and had dinner at a former hardware store that is now a German restaurant: Gerst Bavarian Haus.

Great food (we both had Sauerbraten), highly recommended. Authentic traditional German cuisine, including many different versions of schnitzel, sausages, hot and cold potato salad, potato pancakes, currywurst and of course, german chocolate cake; also 49 craft beers. Gemütlich!

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